Oslo to Maun


After having checked in all the bags we said our final good byes and boarded the plane from Oslo to Gaborone via Addis Abeba. The flights went well and we were glad to arrive in Botswana. Though shocked by the wall of heat that hit us as we exited the coolness of the plane. Luckily our hosts had a pool in the garden and we did not need to be asked twice for a quick dip.

Spending two days in the capital we packed the car with all the luggage (15 bags) and left before sunrise the next morning to make some distance before the heat would make it tough driving without the aircon. The kids slept on having been woken so early and woke up a couple of hours later to see a family of ostrich with chicks by the side of the road. The excitement of seeing animals along the long straight roads made the long drive more bearable.

By 10 o’clock temperatures outside were just over 30 C and we all needed a pee-break and some breakfast. As the drive continued with jokes and music we saw more ostriches and steenbok, amongst cows, donkeys and goats. Seeing the head and ears of some animal lying under a camel thorn acacia in the distance ahead we expect the usual suspects but were surprised by a pack of wild dogs as we passed the trees, slamming the breaks we turned around and got a good look at the pack before they darted off into scrubs of the kalahari. What a sighting!! And a first for the kids!

10 hours later we drove through Maun to arrive at our temporary residence for the next few months. It was great to get out of the car and greet the grandparents. Looking forward to getting settled we unpacked the car and had a cold drink 😊

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