The days are hot and there’s no rain

It’s the rainy season, but the rains have been scarce. Dad drove down to Gaborone and took the exam to attain the physiotherapy license in order to be able to practice in Botswana. On the way he passed areas with lush green grass, whereas most of the country is sandy and dry.

The exam went well and we now await the new year to go fetch the license in the capital, as the council did not see it appropriate to issue the license the same day or the next… Dad spent a few days in Gabs eating lunch at Sanitas Teagarden. A wonderful place nestled under trees and part of a garden and plants center. There is also a lovely playground where kids can play and the food is delicious. The menu offering produce from their garden amongst a variety of other international dishes.

In the evening dad went for a sundowner at the Gaborone dam, a place where sailing and water sports was a daily activity until a few years ago when the dam nearly dried up and was at 3% of its capacity. The yacht club is finely situated at the edge of the dam with a fantastic view over the water and hills bordering South Africa. At present the dam is at 60% and everyone is hoping for a good rainy season, as it is the main water supply for the capital (with a population of around 250k) and its surrounding area.

While dad was busy with his exams and mom is working in Norway, the grandparents and aunties looked after the kids and decided to take them on a little safari. A 3 hour drive from maun took them to Khwai, a lovely area for game viewing on the edge of the Moremi Game Reserve. The kids love the bush and all the animals you might see.

Amongst different antelopes, zebra, elephants and birds they did get a good view of a pack of wild dogs feeding on an impala and a hyena scurrying across the road. Although they did see fresh tracks of a pride of lions they could not get a sighting. Sitting in camp and using the binoculars was also a lot of fun, watching animals coming to drink at the water hole.

Dad and kids are now reunited and counting the days when mom steps of the plane at Maun international airport.