Bee stings and Christmas cookies

The Christmas holiday has started and the boys got the chance to check out their new school at the year’s final assembly. Quite surprised by the discipline their future schoolmates were showing they did like what they saw. Classrooms surrounded by a lot of space and fantastic sporting facilities.

The days before Christmas have not brought any significant amount of rain, a few short spells of dropplets falling from the sky have barely wet the sands, but with temperatures dropping to just below 30C it felt really relieving.

Grandma engaged the kids in the cookie production, which they enjoyed. Wether they enjoyed the baking part more than the tasting, is questionable. Never the less it was fun.

The kids are also learning that dishes don’t wash themselves. And where you make a mess you need to clean. A dishwasher being a commodity, just about any household back home in Norway has, it is a scarcity here.

Although Africa is well known for the Big Five when it comes to animals, there are surprising amounts of other small creatures to be seen everywhere. We have not seen a snake yet, but do see Geckos running along the walls daily, chasing and feeding on moths and mosquitos. As well as lizards and spiders, beetles and caterpillars, ants, termites, wasps and of course the African killer bee. Nicolas (9) was unlucky two days in a row, being stung twice a day and feeling the burn and pain they can inflict. According to him worse than any other bee or wasp he has been stung by. One of them nailed him just under the ear causing his whole cheek to swell… luckily the reaction was relative mild.

Now we are looking forward to celebrating Christmas in shorts and with cold drinks. And we can’t wait to welcoming mom in just a few days!