Mom’s arrived and it’s raining

It seems like ages ago, when I checked in with the kids and left for Botswana, leaving mom in Norway. But it was only 3 weeks ago! Finally the day of mom’s arrival came and we were all excited from the minute we woke. The kids asking me a hundred times when we would go and pick her up at the airport… the plane being an hour delayed didn’t help, but we finally got in the car in the afternoon and arrived at the airport to see the plane land, waving to mom as she got off the plane. The welcoming was sweet with hugs and kisses and smiles.The afternoon was spent relaxing and catching up. For the first time in weeks I didn’t hear “dad this” or “dad that” for a few hours. Really relieved I am not a single parent! Respect to the single parents out there!!

The next day, although overcast, we had to show mom the swim spot on the river, spending the day swimming, catching fish, picnicking, being together and playing “kubb”. A Norwegian game where the objective is to hit the opponents team’s wooden cubes with wooden rods. As we left the swim spot the skies finally opened up and it started pouring down. The usually very local rainfall was a thing of the past, as it rained the whole 20 km drive back home and there was no blue sky to be seen anywhere on the horizon. Getting soaked opening the gate at home it was great to get into the dry cover of the house. Raining gently the whole night we measured a satisfying 23 mm of rain in the morning! “Pula” as they say in Botswana. From the Setswana (the local language in Botswana) word meaning rain as well as blessing. Obviously rain being a blessing in this country, it was well timed with mom’s arrival!

We are looking forward to celebrating New Year’s Eve now and are excited to see what the new year will offer. A happy new year to all of you!

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