Power cut and rain on New Year’s Eve

The skies opened up some time in the afternoon on New Year’s Eve and the rain continued steadily well into the new year. We spent the evening dining together with friends and playing a fun presents game. Everyone had brought wrapped gifts, which we placed in the middle of the table. Gifts can include anything, literally anything. Toilet paper roll, an empty box, a cork or things such as sweets, crayons or magazines. Everyone then takes turns throwing a die, when you roll a 6 you get to pick a gift. Once all the gifts from the middle are taken you can steel a gift from anyone when you roll a 6. The kids love this game and the fun part is when the game ends and the gifts get unpacked. Often the most intriguing gifts end up being the biggest disappointment. As it got dark we had a power cut, which is not an unusual event, especially in the rainy season. This didn’t stop us from enjoying the evening. Candle light actually made the atmosphere more cozy.

While the rain kept falling outside, we could enjoy some relaxed time watching movies and playing games.

The boys are now waiting to take their entry test for school and are practicing English daily, reading English books and playing with neighboring kids. And I am waiting for the health council to open their offices so that I can get my physiotherapy license. We also hope to go on safari and camping before school starts.