Bullfrogs and a day-trip-safari

We have had some good rains the first few days in 2019, amounting to 80mm. Although it looked pretty flooded while it rained, the dry sand quickly sucked up most of the water. Never the less leaving puddles for days to come where it is easy to get stuck, so caution is advised when driving through these.

The rains bringing life to a lot of creatures and luckily cooling off the baking sands. Once rain seizes to fall the nights come alive. The flying termites being one of the kinds. Termites that have wings, attracted by the light they will come in the hundreds looking for a mate to start a new colony with. Once they find a mate, they loose their wings and get busy.

These termites are very delicious and a good source of protein, whether raw or fried in butter. Of course other animals love to feed on them too, especially frogs, creating an Orchester and composing noise throughout the night. I didn’t have to ask the boys twice whether we should take the torch and take a walk to see what we could find. The African bull frog being the biggest frog and a ferocious one too, can take a nip at you if you don’t watch out.

With nothing much to do, waiting for the school entrance test and my license to be issued we decided to get up early the one day and take a day trip into the bush. We got the kids into the car before sunrise and drove a bit more than an hour to see what we could find. Being overcast most of the day made driving pleasant. We got to see buffalo, elephant, jackals, giraffe, a turtle, zebra, vultures, storks, geese, ducks and different antelopes. We also found tracks of a hyena. Unfortunately we did not hear or see any of the big cats, but it was a lot of fun anyways.

A few pit stops and breaks were good to stretch the legs and look around as well as listen to any cats communicating.

Tomorrow the boys will be tested at school. They are both a bit nervous, as their English is very rough. At the same time they are looking forward to starting school, to make friends and play with age mates again after a long holiday.