Paper work and football in the sand

We are slowly getting acclimatized to our new home. Although the future her is not definite yet, things are falling into place. My physiotherapy license has finally been issued and is on its way up from the capital.

The license being the last puzzle piece to make our application complete, I can hardly wait to hold it in my hands. I have been busy talking to physiotherapists and came to an agreement with a private physio who was interested in employing me. A little establishment with 2 employees and minimal equipment is going to make work interesting. Quite the contrast from working in a clinic with 8 other physios, loads of equipment and other health professions close by, in Norway! I am quite relieved to have all parts of the long application checklist done and can now look forward to handing in the application after countless hours filling in forms, organizing stamps, getting things certified, talking to officials and sitting in queue.

The kids are also settling in well. Matilda is enjoying her new kindergarten and did not cry when we dropped her off the last few days. And being joyful when we picked her up looking forward to going back, makes it easier on us parents. The boys are also enjoying school, having had classmates home to play and communicating with short simple English sentences. On Friday’s assembly they were both called up to receive a merit for settling in well in their new school and environment. The weekdays are packed with school and afternoon activities. Nicolas having made the school team in swimming has five practices a week, including to early morning sessions before school. Which means getting up very early, luckily the water feels warm to the early morning coolness of the air.

Being a football fanatic myself and the boys enjoying the game I have been taking them to the local pitch in evenings. It started off being just the three of us and a neighboring kid from school.

But as the days went by, more and more kids joined, seeing that we had equipment and fun exercises. I was given some used balls from my son’s club in Norway which I had brought along. It will be interesting to see how long these balls will last, as the pitch is covered with small thorns, known as “devil thorns”! I bought some vests and cones at the local sports shop and found some old pipes, which I connected and covered in shade netting to make small goalposts and making our collection complete. The kids now scoring in proper goals, has added some more joy to the game.

We have now had 14 kids at training, giving it a different dimension. Economic differences showing themselves, as most of the kids play in their everyday clothes without shoes. But it is a joy to see that that does not hinder the kids enjoying themselves and learning the elements of the game and being part of a team.

A definite highlight being the vapor spraying bottle I had brought along and which Nicolas used to cool everyone down after training.

The days have been hot and the odd thunderstorm causing power cuts has made the evenings quite eco friendly. As we have been using solar charges LED lamps.

The change of scenery has been very positive for us all and we are looking forward to the time ahead. More safaris are in wait and we will start the process of building our own house on one of my parents’ plots. Within the next few weeks we will also know whether we can settle down, inviting friends from Norway and around the world or whether we have to leave the country and wait for the approval of our permits.

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