Birthdays and fun in the sand

January sees us celebrating two birthdays and this year they were full ones too. Mom turned 40 and Nicolas turned 10. We got up a bit earlier to squeeze in a little celebration before school on both occasions. Mom was then celebrated at our favorite spot on the river. Which still has a fair amount of water although the level is decreasing rapidly in this heat.

Nicolas invited the boys from class for an afternoon of fun at the house. This gave us a chance to get to know his classmates and we were happy to see him talking English and engaging with all the boys.

Weekdays fly by. Driving them to school in the morning and picking them up at various times in the afternoon. Robin being a first grader has no afternoon activities and Matilda’s kindergarten closes at one o’clock. Whereas Nicolas has swimming and cricket. I’ve been taking the morning runs and then spending the day with my employer shadowing her and exchanging knowledge and ideas in treatment. Also getting my mind back into thinking treatment, after having spent the last months focusing on paperwork and getting settled in this new place. Mom usually takes the afternoon pick ups. Once homework is done, the kids play. The sandy road in-front of our house is a popular playground. Neighboring kids joining in playing soccer, drawing in the sand, running around and sharing bikes to ride around. Although there are language barriers, it doesn’t seem to hinder kids in playing and understanding one another. It’s a real joy to see kids with different backgrounds enjoying themselves together!