A long wait has come to an end

Finally we can relax and live with the certainty that we are legally allowed to reside in Botswana for the next 5 years! 2 weeks ago we were told our applications had been granted, but needed to wait for them to be issued. Today we picked them up and had them fixed into our passports. The saying that Europeans have the clock and Africans have the time is becoming more and more understandable. A week ago I got my work permits issued and could finally start work here in maun, as a physiotherapist. I was very glad to use my brain cells and time on the human body instead of sitting around waiting. The road to getting here, with the licenses and permits has been quite long and bumpy. Demanding patience and a lot of will. So far we are not regretting the decision at all. We have already had loads of new experiences, gotten to know new people and made new friends. The change in scenery and lack of network has made our kids bond more with each other and we as a family have had more time together. Especially since I have not been working yet and we have gone on safari trips.

The kids are learning English incredibly fast. I am impressed at the amount they understand after only 8 weeks of school. Literally having been thrown into the deep end of the pool. The eldest, Nicolas, being very competitive, made the school swimming team and was selected to represent the northern Botswana team at the annual gala against the southern team. He has, since his arrival, put in countless hours of training and is determined to not come last at the upcoming gala.

Robin and Matilda have also settled well. Although still a bit young for competitive sports they have joined in on every opportunity to swim and have had loads of fun. Robin learning the basics of the strokes and Matilda swimming with out floatation devices. In the afternoons they have been busy helping making jewelry for grandma’s business.

Their patience and endurance has been impressive.

With our permits in the box we can now begin building the house for us to live in. Although living with the grandparents has been going very well, one does have different preferences when it comes to small every day things. Luckily we get on well and we have not have had any big confrontations. Living in our own home again and using the space as we choose is something we are looking forward to.

We are also looking forward to welcoming friends and family from abroad to show and share with them, this side of the world and how we are spending the days.