Preparations for the house to come

To develop a plot and build a house is not done in a day. A lot has happened on site the last few months, but there is still a lot to be done before we can make the move. We started by clearing trees where the house is to be. A huge Raintree had to be taken out, leaving a very big stump which we had a few guys help us dig up, by hand. The boys enjoyed helping and learning to use the spade.

We cut the branches into reasonable sizes and had a friend with a sawmill cut them into planks which are currently drying and waiting to be furnished into something beautiful and handmade, maybe for the house?

Then we got at it plotting out the corners of the house and where the walls are to be. We put up some guides along the outside allowing us to tie string and making both the digging and the building at a later stage easier.

While we had a group of 5 digging the trenches for the foundation…

another group started constructing he steel reinforcements for the foundation and the ring beam.

The building inspector came and approved the go ahead for further construction. He did make it clear that he was expecting a bonus for his troubles, but left empty handed.

The thought of using a motorized digger and bulldozer did cross our minds, but we decided to rather employ more people and have it done by hand than only employing one person for the same job. It would probably have gone a lot faster with the motor. But, considering the lack of employment and the fact that every person earning a salary supports many more than just themselves, the choice was easy. We will soon start with the foundation and commence to put up the structure. Looking forward to that.