Winter? More like a good Norwegian summer.

The rainy season came and it went, leaving very few showers and little water behind. The river beds are just about dry and there is little grass for all the animals. This will be a tough and long dry season for farmers and their livestock.

The end of the rainy season also means the beginning of winter. We have felt a definite drop in temperatures, but temperatures are still bearable. Sunny, warm and cloudless days with temperatures up to around 30C and cool nights with temps as low as 6C so far. This reminds us of a good Norwegian summer, except for the shorter days. We do miss the long days one gets in the far north. With the winter the tourist season arrives too. Because of the bearable and peasant temperatures and the fact that the lack of rain means a lack of insects, means tourists find it very pleasant to spend time here. Another positive side effect is that the lack of water across the country means that wild animals will concentrate around the rivers and waterholes. Giving the opportunity for some fantastic sightings.

The second school term has started and is well under way. This term the school activities have changed, there is no swimming. Instead there is soccer, athletics and field hockey. A week ago the school hosted inter house athletics. All the kids within the school are separated into two houses, either the red house which is called Lechwe or the yellow house which is called Sitatunga. Both houses named after two antelopes of the Okavango. Robin and Nicolas are in the red house, Lechwe. Throughout the school year every individual can earn points for his house, from the academic side as well as he sports side. Good behavior is also rewarded.

Robin earning himself a first spot and golden ribbon in the 80m sprint. And Nicolas coming second in all the running races and long jump, while earning a golden ribbon for the high jump. Next week the school’s under 13 soccer team will be picked for an upcoming tournament. The grandparents will be exhibiting their goods at the local expo and we are getting ready to welcome visitors from Norway. Feel free to follow @family_out_and_about on Instagram for more pics and regular short updates.