Old and used in Norway is as good as new here!

I have been offering two evening sessions of soccer a week. The attendance has been fantastic with up to 40 kids from the age of 6 to 14 joining in and having fun learning the skills of the game. Unfortunately only one or two has had the appropriate gear. The rest have either been playing in flip flops or with their bare feet. Needless to say that there is no lack of thorns on the sandy field! Not only was there a lack of shoes, but also clothing. So most of the kids played in their day to day clothes with a wide variety of jeans, school uniforms, long pants and shorts.

Knowing that most kids have more than enough in Norway we asked my son’s old team in Norway to look through their cupboards and sort out any excess soccer apparel. It didn’t take long before I got a message saying that there were a few bags ready to be collected. Martha went and fetched loads of bags while back in Norway for a short trip. When Martha came back in she had filled her bags with as much stuff as she could and brought it along. The customs official at the airport gave her a bit of a hard time insisting she give all the used items a value. That being a difficult task he was persuaded that the value was not worth declaring and let her through after 30 minutes. Next training I took all the stuff up to the ground and handed out kits, boots, socks, shorts and some shin pads.

The kids eagerly awaited their turn, following the attendance list I’ve been keeping since I started. Handing out equipment to the ones with the most attendance first.

After about an hour all the kids could show off a “new” pair of boots and some kind of kit.

The team looks more complete now and they all feel proud of belonging to this unit. As is usual when doing team sports. They are all eager to learn and the fact that they now can run and dribble without having to stop to take out thorns makes quite the difference.

I am sure we will get more things down here to give away in the years to come, lighting up these kids’ everyday life. A big thank you to the Lillestrøm Sports Club (LSK) team of boys born in 2009!!!

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