Lockdown situation

Seven weeks ago Botswana went into a total lock down for 30 days. Meaning no movement without permits. Restricting everyone to their house and yard. One would have thought that one finally had all the time in the world, but surprisingly enough we were as busy as bees. The lockdown was extended by another 2 weeks, followed by a gradual opening and easing of restrictions. Meaning we are now allowed to travel without permits within an allocated zone. And luckily no more roadblocks on our way to shop essential groceries.

Though the application process for permits has been challenging and movement has been restricted, it’s also been nice with a few weeks of calm, self structured life, spending time with each other and managing our day as we please. The kids have enjoyed managing their every day life, choosing when to do which chores and activities. We parents have had a chance to be academic teachers, and I am really looking forward to school starting and letting teachers do their job again.

So far we’ve all enjoyed it, but we are hoping things will soon loosen up a bit so we can go for runs, bike rides, take the dogs for a walk and visit friends. This change of rhythm has given us time to make some furniture and tend to the garden. Especially Robin enjoying planting plants all over the place. And the kids have engaged themselves in everyday life, helping in the kitchen and cleaning.

The rainy season is now over, the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting colder. Winter is on its way and with it a long spell of dry, when looking at the sky. Luckily the rains that fell in Angola over the past rainy season, have joined on a journey to creat a river all the way down here. Hopes of having a flowing river became more and more realistic as we were sitting isolated in our homes. The magic of that little trickle of water transforming a dry river bed into a flowing river overnight is magnificent.

Following the head of the flood was always a social meeting spot when I was a child. Every day people would meet to see how far the flood had pushed and we kids believed we could make it move faster by helping it choose its way. Nevertheless a lot of fun. Unfortunately this was not possible with the lock down going on here. Luckily that has eased now and we can enjoy moving a bit more freely.
Last year the flood never made it to maun. Posing many challenges to many people and animals. So it is with great pleasure we witness the amount of water filling the dry riverbed.

School will be starting with face to face teaching next week. After the school had applied for permits and has done loads of work to meet government requirements. I will also start working again from next week, ensuring a bit of income again. Our savings are low, but luckily the school dropped the amount of school fees to be paid and our land lord also dropped the rent by a considerable amount. We are very thankful for the support and fortunate situation we find ourselves in. It will be an interesting year. The tourism industry seems to be non existent and hopes of any tourists visiting Botswana are rather bleak. Which means we probably won’t be expecting any visitors either. This will give us time to explore on our own, build our house and enjoy family time, and we are looking forward to that.

We are planning a little bit safari next week, keep a look out for the story in about 2 weeks.

Stay safe everyone!!!

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