Rainy season and a trip to the capital

The rainy season is in full blossom. Though it started slowly we have been experiencing regular showers lately. Some days thunder storms build up in the distance and fade to a light drizzle by the time they reach us. And other days sunny blue skies turn into wild windy storms with hammering rain falling from the sky. The last week has been overcast and wet, regular showers and the sun only peaking through the odd hole in the clouds. This has made drying clothes impossible and we’ve found all kinds of things getting moldy. The area in front of the house has turned into a wet playground and the kids have been playing in the puddles.

The wetness does bring a certain coolness, especially the nights are now all the more comfortable. Of course the rain also brings life to all kinds of creatures, especially insects. Which in turn brings out the frogs who attract snakes. The other morning Nicolas found a snake lying in the garden. On closer inspection we found out it was still alive. It’s head was in a hole, but it soon moved and revealed a frog’s head stuck in its mouth. The whole family gathered to watch nature happen as the snake commenced to devour the frog, swallowing it head first.

A couple of weeks ago we needed to go to the capital to organize new passports for the boys. So we packed the car and headed off down south. Travel permits in hand we were ready for road blocks. Here in Botswana they have restricted traveling between given zones. Only allowing a certain number of travelers and checking permits as well as temperature. It was good with a change of scenery, seeing friends and doing some city shopping. We also got the chance to finally hike up Kgale hill. Heading off early in the morning before the sun started to bake the land. Overlooking the city in the early hours it was peaceful watching life unfold down below with the increasing amount of traffic.

School has closed for the year and we started the holidays with a long weekend to Kasane. Joining friends to their house on the hill, overlooking the Chobe river and seeing Namibia in the distance.

Because of the rain our building progress has slowed, we have been forced to take breaks and use the dryer days to push the progress. We are now nearly done with most of the walls and brick work. The rafters for the roof are on and we’ve also started putting on the ceiling.

We obviously hope to have a good rainy season, knowing that that will further delay the date of finishing the house and finally moving in. But we hope it won’t stop progress for too long at a time. Now with Christmas we will take a break and enjoy family time together and hope 2021 will be better than 2020.

Wishing you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year!! 🎊

One thought on “Rainy season and a trip to the capital

  1. Kristin Clausen December 24, 2020 / 9:53 am

    Sååå veldig hyggelig å lese det du skriver, Sebastian👏👏👏❤️

    Sendt fra min iPhone

    > 24. des. 2020 kl. 08:17 skrev Family out and about : > >  >


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